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Executed Projects

Enguri HPP rehabilitation project, Package #1
Construction of  “Omarishara-Sakeni-Left Gentsvshi” 13.3km 10kW power transmission line, 2.5km 0.4kW power transmission line in Kodori valley and arrangemet of 6 transformer stations; construction of 30km of Mramba HPP-Azhara as well as 3 km of 10kW Mramva-Chkhalta power transmission lines; works concerning power supply of  Azhara and Chlhalta centers, arrangement of 10km 0.4Kw outdoor lighting power transmission line and two transformer stations
Mramba HPP construction works in Kodori valley
Construction-mounting works of Avlabari administrative complex
For Khramhesi-2 hydro unit functioning technological cycle purpose, the construction works of main line of technical clean water delivery from Karabulakhi main pipeline
Shotcrete works on surface of Chakvi vehicular tunnel inner walls
Construction-mounting works to support outdoor power supply of Patriot camp in Ganmukhuri settlement in Zugdidi district 
Strengthening works of left bank of the Tskhenistskali rv. within the upstream and downstream of Matkhoji head structure in Khoni district (IV site)
Construction-rehabilitation works of D=500mm maim pipeline of Karadagh-Tbilisi 471.8-473.3 km aerial crossing of the Mtkvari river
The Tskhenistskali river right bank strengthening at Lekhaindrao settlement bridge in Martvili district (III site)
10 kW voltage net works of outdoor electric power supply of Upper Apkhazeti settlements
Drainage system flood control measures on Tsivi Rekhura, Tekhura-Nogela and Nogela-Tskhenistskali massif in Senaki and Abasha districts
Zhinvali HPP bottom water outlet tunnel rehabilitation works
30-32km of Kutaisi-Sokhumi Georgia’s main gas pipeline D=530mm L=1306.80m section construction
Capital repair works of the execution department and execution bureaus buildings of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia
Dismantling works in non-residential house located at 6 Baratashvili street in old Tbilisi district
Construction works for power supply of infrastructure units of Dali-kodori valley settlements in upper Abkhazeti (Bramba, Tvibrasheri, Ptishi)
Kaspi watersupply system rehabilitation. Head structures on the basis of the Lekhura river and reservoir complex rehabilitation project
Matkhoji settlement free flow water-line head structure and Khoni (Imereti region) water-pipe system rehabilitation sub-project
Jvari settlement (Samegrelo-uoper Svaneti region) sewage system reconstructure works
Khoni military settlement outdoor water supply and sewage system reabilitation
Reconstructure-rehabiliation of water supply, sewage, drainage systems of Kazbegi settlement of Kazbegi municipality as well as Gergeti settlement sewage and drainage system
Gardabani region sewage system rehabilitation (Lalasha and Krtsanisi settelments)
Tsalka waterline system reconstructure sub-project
Ksani sewage system rehabilitation
Outdoor watersupply and sewage system arrangement in the settlements of internally displaced persons in Upper Etseri, Chkadua, Akhalsopeli and Ingiri villages of Zugdidi district
Bank strengthening works in Khobi district
Outdoor water supply-sewage system arrangement in seven settlements of internally displaced persons in Senaki and Martvili districts
Outdoor water supply-sewage system arrangement works in settlements of internally displaced persons in Khobi, Abasha and Chkhorotsku districts
Construction of water supply system of Nijgori and Atskvita settlements of Aspindza municipality
Senaki water supply #1 head structure, pressure reservoir and partial town system rehabilitation sub-project (Photo Gallery)
Reconstruction sub-project of water supply system of Mtisdziri settlement of Kvareli municipality (Kakheti region)
Zugdidi-Jvari-Mestia-Lasdili road’s 78th km section from Pk 42+00 to Pk 46+00 rehabilitation sub-project (Photo Gallery)
Construction of  30km “Snaki-Poti” DN700 main gas pipeline (Photo Gallery)
Zhinvali grout curtain rehabilitation (Photo Gallery)
Melioration, irrigation, drainage and cleaning first stage works on the river Supsa mouth and adjacent territory
Arrangenet of 619 m total length high pressure underground 325 mm diameter metal gas pipeline from the magistral gas pipeline to the gas-distributing station in Poti
Arrangement of the portals of the tunnels under construction on E-60 highway Sveneti-Ruisi section (Photo Gallery)
Rehabilitation of the domestic house in #8 Virsaladze str., Tbilisi (Photo Gallery)
Construction of the multi-storey domestic house in Tbilisi, Jikia str. (Photo Gallery)
Construction works in Saguramo (Photo Gallery)
Construction works on the territory of "Medi" clinic
Construction of the multifunctional building (restaurant "Bohema", café-bar, etc) in Tbilisi, Grishsashvili str.
Construction of the café and car wash in Tbilisi, Gelovani ave.
Gldani-I. Construction of the multi-storey domestic building in Tbilisi, Gldani district (Photo Gallery)
Construction of the multi-storey domestic building in Tbilisi, Marabda str. (Photo Gallery)

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